• What's the best air conditioner brand?

    We are often asked what is the best air conditioning brand on the market, so we’ve wriiten a few blog posts answering this question. Check out our most recent post here and be sure to click on the links to other articles in the series.

  • My air conditioner runs constantly and doesn’t shut off, what’s wrong with it?

    There are quite a few issues that could cause an air conditioner to run all the time. If the refrigerant charge were low it would cause an ac unit to run constantly trying to reach the thermostat temperature setting. Another possibility is that the unit is undersized for the space. It’s best to call a licensed professional to diagnose the problem.

  • Some of the rooms in my house are hotter than other rooms, how can I fix it?

    While this may be a problem with the air ducts or the air conditioner itself, it may be something else entirely. Many times hot rooms are caused by insufficient attic or wall insulation in that area of the home. If you live in a warmer climate like Phoenix, installing solar sunscreens or some room-darkening drapes can sometimes solve this problem. You should consider having a professional conduct a home energy audit to pinpoint the exact problem.

  • I see ice forming on my unit and/or the copper pipes that connect to it, is that a problem?

    Yes, there is something wrong if you ever see ice on your air conditioner. Usually this is an indication your unit has a refrigerant leak, but there are also a few other problems that can cause this symptom. You should shut off your unit and call a professional air conditioning contractor right away.

  • I had a high efficiency air conditioner installed but I still have high utility bills, was it installed wrong?

    In order to get all of the benefits of a high efficiency central air conditioning system, more than just “the box” needs to be installed properly. Proper application and installation is more important than the machine itself. You should have your contractor review the installation and make sure everything is installed per manufacturer specifications. You may also benefit from having a whole home energy audit done on your home.

  • Which brand air conditioner is the most reliable?

    For the most part, all of the major air conditioning manufacturers are building high quality products nowadays. Many buy their components from the same places. A better word for “manufacturers” today would be “assemblers” as most are simply assembling a machine full of parts manufactured by someone else. If you want to make sure your AC and heating unit gives you long, reliable service; make sure you choose the right contractor to install it.

  • What’s the best way to clean the soot build-up glass on my fireplace?

    Most people are surprised to learn that one of the best ways to clean soot off the glass doors of your fireplace is with ash! Crumple up some newspaper and dip it in the gray ash in your fireplace. Then use the newspaper like you would a scouring pad in a small circular motion with a little pressure. It’s a tedious and messy job, but it usually does the trick.

  • Do I need to have any maintenance done on my gas fireplace?

    Every fireplace manufacturer says you should have your fireplace checked and cleaned every year before you turn it on. Your fireplace is a combustion appliance like a furnace and while a beautiful addition to any home, can be very dangerous without the proper care. There is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires with any gas appliance…always have it serviced by a licensed and trained professional.

  • I think there is an animal in my chimney, should I call an exterminator or a heating contractor?

    This depends on the type of chimney you have, but you may need to call both. DO NOT try to smoke the animal out. If your chimney is blocked with a nest or something else, dangerous gasses can’t escape and can be lethal. Start by calling your heating contractor and seek his or her advice on what to do next.

  • What is a home energy audit and is it a good idea to buy one?

    A home energy audit or assessment will determine how much energy your home uses and determine what improvements will make your home more energy efficient. When deficiencies are corrected, you can save significant money and in many cases improve your comfort and air quality. As to, should you buy one…that depends on whether you’d like to dine out more or would prefer the executives at your power company should eat out more with your money!

  • Should I shut off my air conditioner completely when I go out or set the temperature up higher?

    Setting your temperature up a few degrees higher is actually more cost effective than completely shutting off your unit. When you shut off your air conditioner completely, everything in your home heats up making your air conditioner work harder to bring it all back to a comfortable temperature level. Consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat that you can adjust from your smart phone or tablet when you leave or are coming home. Wi-Fi thermostats also make a great “remote control” when you’re sitting on your couch!

  • What is a SEER rating?

    SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a rating given to central air conditioners so consumers can determine how efficiently it operates. A higher SEER rating doesn’t mean the unit cools better, it just means that it cools more efficiently than the same size unit with a lower rating. In laymen terms, the SEER rating of an air conditioner is the equivalent to MPG (Miles Per Gallon) of a car…the higher the number, the more miles you get out of the same dollar spent.